Wellness Coaching

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We want to be well.  We yearn to be in control of our health and to feel better.  We want more energy.  But there is an enormous gap between wanting to be well and the everyday reality of living with the physical and mental health consequences of overating, under-exercising, too much stress, little sleep, and having too little down time to recharge our batteries.  Allow a Wellness Coach to get you back on track.

What is Wellness Coaching?

The better question is, what is wellness? Wellness can be defined by its eight pillars – physical, social, emotional, financial, occupational, environmental, spiritual and intellectual. Or, wellness can be defined as what makes you truly feel good … happy, healthy and rejuvenated. While wellness can sit on the eight pillars, EdgarMay’s Healthy Living Department fully believes that there is no one-size-fits-all prescription of wellness. Instead of squeezing you into a routine box, through wellness coaching we aim to identify what makes you flourish. What makes you happy? What makes you feel well? What works for YOU? During the process of wellness coaching we take you from where you are, to where you want to be in order to help you find your best self.

What you can expect from Wellness Coaching
  • Guidance to identify a greater meaning in all aspects of your wellness

  • A collaborative relationship with a coach to help you create a wellness blueprint

  • A customizable approach meant to meet your needs, desires and lifestyle

  • Set and achieve goals designed for long term success

  • Harness strengths to overcome obstacles

  • A coach to inspire and motivate you to achieve more than what was possible alone

  • Accountability to achieve your daily, weekly, short term and long term goals

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The coaching process

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Initial Consult
3 Month Coaching
FREE 30-minute initial consult

We call the first 30-minute wellness coaching session the Identify session. We will begin to explore areas of your overall lifestyle that may need improvement, identifying where you are, and wehre you want to be.Often this initial session opens up doors to undiscovered components of your wellness we can then strategize and begin to set goals for lifelong improvement.

During your initial FREE consult with the wellness coach, you craft a personal wellness vision. This wellness vision is created from your own thoughts and desires, and is not put in place by the coach. During your time together, you and your coach building off of this wellness vision to create short and long term goals. These goals are broken down into smaller, tangible steps that are realistic for you and your lifestyle. You and your coach work on making small steps into regular habits, making your way to your larger goal.

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Coaching Packages

We offer a variety of wellness coaching packages to suite your needs.  After your initial consult we can better determine what the best package may be!

** see below for exactly what each package offers **

Solidify – Five 30-minute or 60-minute coaching sessions focused on solidifying the habits associated with your wellness vision.

Amplify – Ten 30-minute or 60-minute coaching session that amplify your current state of wellness. Take a deeper dive into what makes you feel well, and how to flourish to your fullest potential.

Electrify – Our most in-depth package offers twenty 30-minute or 60-minute sessions to completely rejuvenate your life. This thrilling ride with help you discover and unlock potential you did not know you had in regards to your biggest health related goals.

On Track Coaching

Meant for graduates of wellness coaching package, these quick 15-minute sessions are meant to keep you accountable for your wellness goals each week.  As an affordable way to work with a coach, you'll experience the results and benefits of wellness coaching.

Contact Wellness Coach, Corrina, for more information or to set up your initial consult