Small group training offers the same benefit of a large group workout with the added bonus of more individualized workouts, new techniques, and only four participants! Four participants per group (with few exceptions) allows ample space to practice appropriate social distancing of 6 feet or more. 

Must wear mask at all times unless otherwise noted

Must practice social distancing of 6ft at all times

Must sign Code of Conduct and COVID-19 waiver prior to participating

Click the title of each class in order to register!

Advanced Core: Think about your average core workout and now turn up the burn times 10! With challenging, varying exercises each week you won't need more than 30 minutes to feel the burn! Take your workout up a notch and join me Wednesday nights at 6:00 for a core pumping workout. $30 Member / $50 Non-member

Advanced Mat Pilates: This is a challenging 45-minute full body workout designed to strengthen the large group of muscles in the center of the body. Class will progress through a warm up, stretch, strength and cool down. Advanced class. Class on 8/19 OFF. $30 Member / $50 Non-member

Agility Power Speed (A.P.S)In this high intensity class participants will perform different strength and cardio intensive exercises geared specifically towards your improvement in a particular sport or athletic endeavor. Exercises will include agility ladders, tire flips, medicine ball slams, and much more as instructor Jordan covers a wide range of training methods and push you to your limits in this 4 week class. Mask not required. $30 Member / $50 Non-member

Balance: Join our balance class for expert instruction that will work your muscles and your mind to keep you upright! Whether you are looking to avoid a fall or improve your performance; balance will play an essential role in reaching your goals. Learn how to train balance safely and effectively under the professional guidance of The Edgar May PT Staff. - Located OUTSIDE in EdgarMay parking lot - $35 Member / $55 Non-member

Slow Burn BOGA: A moderately paced class, mindfully moving and breathing through shapes that seamlessly flow, while also holding some poses slightly longer, in order to mindfully experience the body and mind's reactions to challenge. To release any inner tension that may build from these challenges, our practice will close with a blissful floating relaxation and guided meditation. You will explore your edge, yet still experience relaxation and renewal. This class is geared towards all practitioners looking to build muscle strength, balance, and an indestructible sense of inner refuge. If you love Gentle Yoga with Aimee and are looking for a bit more movement and challenge, this is the class for you! 6 week class - $45 Members / $60 Non-members. Mask not required in pool.

Spinning: We have a variety of classes, all with a slightly different focus, please click each class to read specific descriptions. Mask required to enter Studio, can be removed once on the bike. Located at Studio Momentum - $30 Member / $50 Non-member

Tuesday 5:15pm w/ Maureen

Wednesday 12pm w/ Christian 

Thursday 6am w/ Stephanie

Saturday 8am w/ Maureen

TRX: ​A form of suspension training that uses body weight exercises to develop strength, flexibility, balance and core stability simultaneously. Participants leverage gravity and body weight for overall strength and toning. - Located at Studio Momentum - $30 Member / $50 Non-member

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