From Surviving to Revising and Thriving in Quarantine


I say “welcome”, because this letter serves as an invitation into the new and improved Healthy Living Department at EdgarMay. Let’s review what’s new, and why.

When I first started the position of Director of Healthy Living, I jumped right in. I had a week of shadowing my predecessor (shout out to Mallory), who taught me so many things. She was a role model to me. She had created the HL (Healthy Living) Department from the ground up and turned it into a well running machine.

Now that she was leaving, I was being handed a gift. The opportunity to take an already established department, and make it grow. I was excited and a bit nervous at the same time. Recognizing the solid groundwork that was already in place, I didn’t change much. Some minor tweaks here and there, but most everything stayed the same.

The HL Department continued to grow. New programs were implemented, folks continued to be interested, and processes were running (mainly) seamlessly. All in all, still a well running machine.

And then, the “Stay Home Stay Safe” order landed in Vermont. This is when things started to change.

There was no “right way” to process what would then take place over the coming months. Personally, when quarantine was first enforced, I never expected the ramifications to be so lasting. My experience with time away from work, increased time at home and away from friends and family was different from those around me. Just as their experience was different from mine. We had no way of predicting what the future would hold. As someone who likes predictability, I experienced a range of emotions. Confusion, denial, curiosity, fear, some excitement (time for DIY projects!), reflection, cravings (bring on the snacks), more confusion, and everything in between.

Through these emotions, I spent a lot of time reflecting. A lot of my reflection started with Executive Director Christian Craig asked staff to come up with a personal mission statement. In the process of creating mine, I was forced to take a look inward.

I felt a lot of important aspects of my life changing and possibly slipping away during quarantine. This led me to realize some things that are vitally important for me to keep my sanity… and my health where I want it to be. By extension, vital to maintain my mission. With this realization, came more reflection to look at my personal wellness, and the wellness vision I had created for myself. For those who don’t know what a wellness vision is, it is a statement of who you are and what health-promoting, life-giving behaviors you want to be doing consistently. Similar to a mission statement, this statement is fluid and can change over time.

After evaluating my personal wellness vision, I spent some time thinking about my passion to help others discover theirs. While I was proud of all the Healthy Living Department was doing, it still felt it was missing some aspect. I didn’t feel like my personal mission for the department was shining through. While I agreed with all messaging, content, focus, and mission that Healthy Living was, I didn’t feel like it had my FULL spin on things… yet.

While keeping some basic framework the same, you’ll notice that a lot about HL has changed. The mission of Healthy Living has been re-directed, the Wellness Coaching process has been altered, and new programs will be implemented. For those who are new, or have never inquired about HL, you might not see much change. For me? A lot has changed.

The message is this – Healthy Living is for anyone. It is for anyone experiencing emotions similar to mine, confusion, denial, curiosity, fear, excitement, cravings, more confusion, or any emotions of their own. Anyone in any stage of life, anyone struggling, anyone thriving, anyone revising, anyone lost, anyone happy, anyone looking to rejuvenate any single aspect of their life. Healthy Living is changing and adapting to these new times that we live in. In revising Healthy Living, I also rediscovered my mission for my life and work.

My mission as the director of Healthy Living is to provide you the opportunity – through coaching, one-on-one, a program, a class, a single interaction – any opportunity to find your health and happiness.

So please, browse the website, take a class, send me an email, open the door to see the opportunity that Healthy Living gave me, and could possibly give you.

Wishing you well,


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