Be Well. The Journey to Discovering Your Best Self

When the Edgar May Health and Recreation Center decided to create an entire department focused around Healthy Living, we had a general strategy to help our community be healthier. This four step process includes: why, learn, apply, & thrive. This seemingly simple four step process would help create the roadmap one might follow on their own wellness journey to discover their best self.

This summer we’re excited to offer opportunities for you to learn. Wellness coaches Mallory Peterson and new coach Abbie Ladd have teamed up to bring you five wellness workshops. Held at the Springfield Food Coop, we’re offering topics such as how to read food labels, macronutrient balance, and healthy eating with kids. Don’t miss this opportunity to grow your wealth of knowledge and start making changes towards a better you. Let’s explore this process more in detail and what it all means.

The first step in the “be well” process is the “why”? Without a why there is really no long term motivation to drive the success. Often goals are surface level. Lose weight, be fit, feel better, run faster, get stronger, sleep better…you get the idea. These are all really valuable outcomes, but lack the depth. What does stronger actually mean? What would be different if you lost 15 lbs. instead of 20? By answering the “why” behind the “what”, you’ve determined whether or not there is intrinsic motivation. Without the really deep rooted reason to accomplish the goal, there is a lower probability of a positive outcome. Conclusion; find your “why”.

Once the goals have been set and the whys have been answered, you’re ready for the next step…learn! When it comes to this important second step, you’re learning about your current habits. It may mean learning a bit more about yourself, past wins and failures, support, or tools necessary to be successful. The other part of learning may be more traditional. Reading about a topic, attending workshops, watching videos, or even trying new things. It’s only when there is enough information learned that we can start to move on to step three.

At step three we’re putting the reason and education into. Applying does take a bit of finesse. Some of us have heard about SMART Goals (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time bound). Whenever it’s time to take action, creating a plan using SMART Goals is imperative. Without the specifics (think what, when, where, how, who…) and being realistic we’re setting ourselves up for failure. This process to become well and live a healthy lifestyle means baby steps. After enough SMART goals (thing baby steps) have been accomplished you can experience what it feels like to really thrive.

There aren’t many moments in our adult lives that we really get that feeling of accomplishment. Reaching goals and living it can offer a tremendous boost in self-confidence and drive. While there may still be a few hiccups along the way, it’s important to recognize and celebrate both big and small successes. It’s a process, but more importantly, it’s a lifestyle.

Contact Mallory Peterson at with questions or call is at (802)885-2568

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