Burn to Earn is BACK...and improved!

Many of you have probably heard of, read about, participated in, or even pondered our infamous Burn to Earn program. But for those of you that haven’t, let me give you a quick run through. Deposit your cash with us, meet with our fitness/wellness staff weekly for your check-in, try or perform the workouts, make some changes with your diet, reach your goals, get a portion of your money back, and voila! Sounds pretty great right? It is! In fact, it’s our most successful fitness program for creating healthy habits by holding you accountable, educating you to make realistic lifestyle changes, and paying you for being committed. Now that you understand the foundation, let me share what’s new (and improved) and why you should consider coming on board.

This July we are launching our 6th round of Burn to Earn, this time with a twist. Burn to Earn Shred and Detox combines all of the components of a four week, intensive lifestyle shift. Through experience and feedback from our previous sessions, we’ve altered the program to include more of what our participants wanted, but have kept the tried and true concept the same. Let’s break it down…

What’s the same?

  • AN INITIAL INVESTMENT – what makes our program successful is the motivation to earn your money back. You’ll pay us MORE than the actual cost of the program up front, but for every scheduled visit you make with our coach, we’ll pay you $20. Cash back. In hand. This tiny (or maybe massive motivator) allows you to stay accountable and on track with the goals you set weekly while you develop your new lifestyle habits.

  • ACCOUNTABILITY – as mentioned above, the weekly one-on-one check-in’s aren’t going anywhere. You’ll set a time with our coach each week and briefly communicate on what’s going well, what’s not, and how you can continue to be successful moving forward.

  • WORKOUTS – Exercise is an important component of a healthy lifestyle. With that, we’ll provide four weeks of daily move goals or workouts to get you active.

  • NUTRITIONAL GUIDELINES – We must eat to live, but let’s do it sensibly in order to thrive. While this component is an important component to our Burn to Earn program, read “what’s new” below for more details.

What’s improved?

  • GROUP WORKOUTS – to up the intensity, we’re offering two optional group workouts each week. Tuesdays at 5:15 pm and Thursdays at 6:15 am for 30 minutes. These quick and intense workouts will remind you that even when time is limited, you can get a lot accomplished. Workouts will combine indoors, outdoors, cardio, strength, flexibility, agility, and so much more.

  • CLEAN EATING NUTRITIONAL GUIDANCE – we’re offer more tools and information to help you eat a clean and wholesome diet that’s realistic. We want to offer you the opportunity to feel as great as you deserve, and this clean eating plan will assist you in doing so. With a little planning and prep (see below) and the determination to see it through, this simple model will help you create long lasting change.

  • FOOD PREP DEMO – One of the greatest challenges to keep individuals successful week after week is a little bit of prep and planning. Food preparation is the key to success when it comes to avoiding tempting situations. Some people don’t’ even know where to start. That why, this time around, we’re offering a free food prep demo including in the program to help you learn some basic tips to food prep.

Summer can be busy, but that doesn’t mean we need to let our health, fitness, and diet fall by the wayside. There’s no better time to establish healthy habits than when the produce is fresh, the sun is shining, and our shorts and tee’s are showing off a little more skin.

For more information click here, or contact Mallory Peterson (mpeterson@myreccenter.org) for more information or click here to sign up!

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