What's The Deal With Wellness Coaching?

Many of us can identify “what” (lose weight, save money, stress less, sleep better, etc) we want to accomplish, but more often than not, we lack the plan to actually get there. It’s like getting into the car to drive to Florida and the only thing you know is that it’s south. When we set out to accomplish a goal, we usually start on a very motivated note – ready to make changes but we may not consider all of the barriers that may get in our way to do what we’re set out to do! But what is it going to take in order to truly be successful?

In the last decade there has been an enormous amount of growth in the world of wellness coaching. These certified coaches are trained to help you be successful, to create a strategic plan to reach your goals, hold you accountable, and therefore assist you in discovering your best self. But when most of us hear “wellness coach”, we aren’t quite bought in to its true value. We fork over the big bucks to see doctors, therapists, and personal trainers; pay for monthly food delivery subscriptions, diet powders and pills, and online weight loss programs. Some of us are even okay with the hundreds or thousands of dollars spent on unused fitness attire, equipment, and memberships, yet despite all of these outgoings to make healthy improvements, not all of us are still convinced that working with a wellness coach is the next step for lifelong success.

“We spend far too much time complaining about the way things are, and forget that we have the power to change anything and everything”

– Bozoma Saint John

So what can we really gain from working with a wellness coach, and can you really benefit from paying someone to talk about goals? The simple answer, yes. Not only can a wellness coach can be sure that all of that initially invested money to make a change actually produces results, but here are five other reasons to consider working with a wellness coach.

  1. Putting knowledge into action: Every day we are inundated with information, tips, tools, and programs. Most of us have become experts in the field of diet and exercise. We’ve tried every offer under the sun, living on expensive delivered juices, waking up at the early hours, reading articles on intermittent fasting and interval training. We’ve experimented with“keto” and “paleo” diets, experienced results and watched them fade. The motivation was high – an event coming up, a beach vacation, or just the change of the calendar from one year to the next. But before diving into these programs or diets, did you really consider the long term end goal? How you would put it into action so it would last, or better yet if it was really sustainable? Some diet and exercise programs really can be successful for certain people, but when working with a coach, we want to make sure it’s not only good for you, but an action plan is in place to actually see it through and experience the results – long term.

  2. Navigating beyond the obvious: So much of what a wellness coach does is to open up the conversation beyond what we believe to be the health concern. Weight, one we’re all familiar with, seems to be the “problem” that most of us would then solve by eating better and exercising more. But when we sit down and discuss the concern in detail, it’s the poor sleeping habits and stressful job that’s preventing you from reaching your weight loss goal. Sometimes we are so focused on one thing we forget about other areas of our wellness that may actually have a massive impact on our overall health.

  3. Create confidence through small successes: The only way to establish new habits and create a lifestyle change is to feel successful. If the long term

  1. Establish long-lasting lifestyle changes: Often the flaw in the diet and exercise programs that we buy into to help us reach our goal is that it has a time-frame or cost attached. 90 day fitness shred, 5-day juice detox, $50 per month shake mix. What happens, though, when that time frame runs or, or when budgets get tight it becomes increasingly more challenging to stick with our new habit. Many of these tools are great at assisting as a kick start towards success, but it’s important to ensure these changes can be sustainable for a lifetime. If you’re new diet eliminates bread but promises a small waistline, are you really okay sacrificing bread forever to maintain that slim figure? When we use coaching to establish realistic goals, they are set to be sustainable in your new lifestyle.

  2. Hold you accountable: One of the biggest perks of working with a wellness coach is that it’s our job to hold you accountable. If you’ve agreed that it’s realistic to drink eight glasses of water a day, a coach can check in on that progress. And when the goal that has been set comes up short, we can pull from that experience to better improve the new habit for success next time. It’s an on-going process that includes multiple small successes and sometimes micro-failures to create new habits.

Like the quote from above, we spend a lot of time complaining, but each of us have the ability to change, it just takes a little effort to begin that forward momentum. We don’t know how good we can actually feel until we experience, but we all deserve to experience that. So whether you want to lose weight, eat better, sleep longer, stress less, pay off your bills, or plan a trip, a wellness coach can get you there.

Check out our new wellness coaching packages and contact Mallory Peterson for questions or to get started. Email at mpeterson@myreccenter.org or phone at 802-885-2561 ext. 108

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