Our most successful long-term lifestyle change program is launching January 18th.  For six weeks you’ll receive workout plans, nutrition guidelines, recipes, accountability check-ins, coaching, support, and of course cash.  Each week you make your visit you’ll put cash back in your pocket.  The only thing more motivating than that are the results you’ll see at the end!


Here is how it works: 

  • "Buy-In" to the program for $180.  

  • Each week we will provide you with a workout, diet guidelines, recipes, and most importantly a weekly check-in.

  • Each time you complete you check-in with our wellness coach, Mallory Peterson, you will earn $20 back regardless of weightloss (though we are confident that will happen, too)

  •  Complete all six check-ins and the program will have only cost you $60 or $10 per week for a weekly workout, diet guidelines, recipes, support, weigh-ins, and more.

    This program works because each week you are held accountable by checking in with your wellness coach, who can help support you and guide you on a path to a healtier lifestyle. 


For more information conatact Mallory Peterson.