All of the Personal Trainers at Edgar May Health and Recreation Center have Personal Training Certifications as well as a specific knowledge of a wide range of training specialties.
It’s all about YOU. Our certified Personal Trainers will help YOU reach YOUR fitness goals.

Personal Training & Movement Therapy

We start every client the same way, with a free initial consultation to determine which program is right for you. Members of the EdgarMay are also able to have free quarterly consultations with a trainer.


What to expect in your consultation:


  • Conversation about your medical and personal history; we want to know you!

  • Fitness assessment of posture, strength, cardiovascular fitness and measurements to see where you are now, so we can determine how to get you where you want to be. 

  • Get to know your trainer.  Fitness is about the body AND the mind.  We want to match you with the trainer who gets you and can be by your side as a support through your journey.    

Movement Therapy views the body as a wholly interdependent, functional system, not as isolated muscle groups or joints. :


Our screening techniques generate a unique structure for each client's specific needs, as well as providing an effective vehicle for dynamic feedback on the result of our exercise programming. 


Primary Differences to Standard Personal Training Approach


Exercise programming is dictated by the screen of an individual's fundamental movement patterns, not by arbitrary muscle groupings, upper/lower split etc.

Screen reveals strengths and weaknesses in your movement patterns which informs the corrective strategies to be implemented via programming selection. (example - ankle dorsiflexion)

Confirmation tests within the screen allow us to obtain a higher resolution understanding on client issues to more accurately program & strategize for each particular client.

Core training is viewed in an 'anti-movement’, stability context (anti-rotation, anti-flexion, anti-extension etc.)

Quality of movement is paramount. Posture, Breathing, Joint Position etc. - more technical to coach.

This approach brings into harmony augmented soft tissue work (foam roller), corrective exercise in the form of : mobility/flexibility/stability programming and strength/power training.


Benefits to screen


A functional movement screen provides the Trainer with a good picture of the member’s general physical capabilities before running through the workout and subsequently enables us to make the most appropriate exercise choices for each member. For example, certain exercises may be contraindicated or encouraged based on the screen result. (kd squat/knee pain/ci-leg ext/tight quad) (poor scapular posture/rows)


Private PT - it will serve as the foundation our trainers rely upon to more effectively program for private clients, people looking to lose weight or stay functional as they age will benefit from the improvement in body mechanics this approach can yield and people who need movement restoration will greatly benefit from the corrective exercise strategies this approach enables. 


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