Adult Learn-to-Swim 

The Edgar May Health and Recreation Center prides itself on its swimming instruction.  If you are an adult who would like to learn to swim, improve your technique, or are afraid of the water, we have a class for you.


As a member of the EdgarMay any adult can receive one, 5-week session of Swimming for the Petrified!  Classes are held once a week for five weeks on Thursday mornings.


The next session of Adult Learn-to-Swim Lessons will begin on April 4th.

Level 1: Swimming for the Petrified

TBD - Call to learn more


This class is for new swimmers who may be reluctant to enter the water or have very limited experience in it.  The class focuses on making the individual feel comfortable and at ease when they are in the water, as well as beginning to develop the skills necessary for proper swim strokes.

Level 2: Stroke Development

This class is for the individual that is comfortable in shallow water, can float on their stomach and back and is able to move forward with the front crawl.  This class will give you the skills necessary to swim in deep water.

Level 3: Stroke Improvement

Thursday @ 7:30 a.m.

This class is for that adult swimmer that is comfortable in deep water, but would like to be more develop more efficient swim strokes.  By the end of this class, participants will be able to swim laps.

Level 4: Stroke Refinement

Thursday @ 7:00 a.m. 

This class is designed for the good swimmer that wants to get better and perfect their swim strokes.  This class will also teach new strokes, turns, and entries into the water.  The class will focus on technique improvement and positioning the swimmer to swim for fitness.

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