Support the EdgarMay

Dear Members and Friends,

I hope that you are as excited as we are that the Edgar May Health and Recreation Center is reopening.

All of us are looking forward to exercise and activity after almost three months of being shut down.  As we begin to provide some of our programs on a limited basis - according to the restrictions of the Governor and the Vermont Department of Health - our future is unpredictable.

In the months of April and May, our revenues were down 85% from the same month last year. Going forward, even with the help of government grants and loans, we cannot survive with revenues at just 25% of our budgeted projections.

In this time of uncertainty, we know that we need to adapt to our changing reality. We are doing everything possible to sustain our daily operations and to continue to make our programs available to the community. And we seek other sources of support as we rebuild our operating revenue. 

Now, more than ever, our community needs us.  Obesity and Chronic Conditions are significant risk factors for those who contract the Coronavirus.  Equally, statitics appear to show those who lead active and healthy lifestyles fare much better should they contract the virus. And we need you.

If you are re-starting your membership or perhaps becoming a member for the first time, please consider "adding on" a donation to the cost of your membership.  By simply adding $3-$5 per month to your membership it will allow us to return more quickly to our normal operations.  Or make a one-time contribution to support the EdgarMay.

Now, more than ever, our community needs The EdgarMay, to support area resident’s health and wellness needs. And we need you.

Thank you for your commitment to both your health and ours.

Christian Craig

Executive Director

Reaching New Heights...

2nd Angle - enhanced climbing holds (1).

What if the Edgar May Health and Recreation Center could…

  • Use the 5,000 square foot green space next to its building, and

  • Offer a fitness/recreation activity that will be the first in our community, and

  • Add a new revenue source that will help us keep our membership rates affordable

What is it…

The EdgarMay would like to develop the community’s first 40’ rock climbing tower, featuring six belay stations, a ropes course element and unique challenges for unique populations.  In addition to the tower, we hope to develop the space for outdoor fitness opportunities, picnics, and more.

Rock climbing is a growing sport, especially in New England.  It provides a total body workout with many health benefits including building strength, endurance, and stability, as well as boosting brain function and getting people outdoors.  Rock Climbing will be an Olympic sport for the first time in 2020, highlighting its growing popularity.  It is an activity that appeals to all ages, especially youth. 

With this space the EdgarMay will be able to expand its membership base and program opportunities.  The space will operate from late April through early October. This will allow us to bring new participants to our organization and our community.  It will also allow the EdgarMay to be more of a destination in the warmer months.  Children and families, can combine rock climbing with swimming and a picnic to create a day long adventure, right here Springfield at the EdgarMay.

Project Costs:

The total projected cost for this important addition to our organization is $114,000.  This includes the climbing tower itself ($64,000), site work ($10,000), fencing ($30,000) and outdoor fitness equipment ($10,000).

Tower Project Participation Levels

“Leader”--The climber who goes up first - $5,000 and up

“Anchor”-- method for securing a climber to a rock face to prevent a fall - $2,500-$4,999

“Carabiner”--Snap link used to connect the rope to the anchor - $1,000-$2,499

“Ascender”--Helps climber use the rope to move upward - $500-$999

“Belayer”--Manages the rope to catch the climber in case of fall or slip - $100-$499

“Climbing Buddy”--Solid partner you depend on for support and sharing the overall experience – up to $100