Kids' Night Out

On the third Saturday of most months; kids rule the pool!

Pizza from The Subway restaurant is provided as dinner, a healthy snack and beverages are also provided. Cost is $24 per child, members attend at half-price.

Children, ages 6* and up, are invited to join us for three (3) hours of a supervised swimming, pizza for dinner, water games or craft, and a family-friendly movie from 5:00-8:00 pm.

* Adults are asked to stay if wishing to register and accompany children under 6 years old.

Advance Reservation Required

Children, ages 6* and up, are invited for three (3) hours of supervised fun on the third Saturday of the month.


Register online by clicking this link or calling the service by calling 885-2568

What to bring:

Towels (One required, two is a GOOD IDEA)

an appetite

your favorite pool toys and/or flotation device (raft, tube, or life preserver).