Group Exercise Classes

MUST have $22 class add-on OR punch card OR purchase drop-in pass to attend any Group Fitness Class.

MUST sign Code of Conduct & COVID-19 waiver prior to participating in any class. 

MUST pre-register for all classes

Registration links found below

Live classes - held via Zoom, class link sent 15 minutes prior to class start time.

Outdoor classes - located in the EdgarMay parking lot. Must practice social distancing, mask recommended but not required.

Aquatic classes - must wear mask when entering the building, showers not required, mask not required in water.


** Please click bold class title to register for class **

**Those wishing to use punch card for class must call (802) 885-2568 to register**

Aqua Fit (Pool) – This low impact class is designed to improve strength, flexibility, muscle tone and cardiovascular endurance all while using the resistance of the water. The low impact will cushion and protect our feet, knees, and back. Modifications are always offered and all levels are welcome!


Aqua Move (Pool) – Focusing on stretching, movement, and balance, instructor Jordan will guide you through various aquatics exercises using noodles, kick boards, and hand weights, to provide a challenge appropriate for all fitness levels.


Aqua Strength (Pool) – In 45 minutes you will be instructed through an aquatics exercise that will focus on building strength and developing muscle tone. Using weights and noodles to provide resistance targeting a full body workout.


Body Weight H.I.I.T (Outdoor) – No equipment, all bodyweight High Intensity Interval Training, outdoors with Jordan! This fast paced class has you working hard in short segments, with quick transitions and dripping sweat! Modifications provided for all including low to no-impact.


Core & Calm (Live) – Wake up and workout! More specifically, workout that core! This early morning class gets you up and moving with 30 minutes of core work, followed by 15 minutes of “calm” stretching. Head into the week having accomplished a workout and stretch.


Dumbbell Strength (Outdoor) Thursday NOON

Dumbbell Strength (Outdoor) Thursday EVENING

Nothing but dumbbell exercises for 45 minutes focusing on technique, strength, and muscle tone! Jordan will target your whole body through various resistance exercises. Squats, rows, and presses are all on the agenda as we progress through these exercises improving our strength and muscle endurance.


HIIT (Live) – Join Stephanie online for heart pumping, strength building exercises from your own home! Utilizing only our body weight from our legs, to core, to upper body, there won't be any muscle group left out!


Pool Training Extravaganza (Pool) Monday 

Pool Training Extravaganza (Pool) Thursday

You heard it, we have the whole pool at our fingertips! Interval, HIIT and Tube training make this extravaganza one you won’t want to miss. This all out 45 minute class gets you back into the pool, and back to your fitness.


Pure Strength (Outdoor) – Join Stephanie at 6am to awaken muscles awake and get you ready to take on the day. This full body strength class is a great way to define, sculpt and build lean muscle. Let me help give you that extra sweaty start to your morning!


Strength and Core (Live) – Half strength and half core, what more could you ask for! Switching it up each week we will have a circuit that focuses on strengthening our whole body and a circuit focused on firing your core. Trust me, you'll feel the burn.


Turn up the Burn (Outdoor) Monday NOON

Turn up the Burn (Outdoor) Tuesday MORNING

This all out class uses body weight, equipment and all your effort to create a killer class. This fast paced class will utilize short breaks and versatile movements to get you sweating, in shape, and wanting more. The instructor brings the intensity, you feel the burn.

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