The Edgar May Health and Recreation Center is excited to offer classes using the BOGA Fitmat. This is such great way to train your body! It’s fun, effective, and challenging… You’ll want to keep coming back for more! 


BOGA is an innovative fitness program

that builds strength, deepens flexibility,

and improves balance and coordination

through carefully selected movements.

All of our BOGA classes enhance the

benefits of traditional fitness movements

while eliminating the harsh impacts of

these exercises, creating high intensity

workouts on water with low impact on

your body.​


Questions about BOGA?  Call 802-885-2568

or email Jordan Clapperton at 

BOGA is far all abilities


BOGA classes are performed on BOGA FITMATS. These specific mats float on the surface of the water similar to a stand-up paddleboard, however they are anchored, so you won't be floating away! 


All classes are suitable for beginner to advanced skill levels. There are modifications for moves to accommodate every ability level, but comfort around water is recommended.

Classes for adults are offered five times per week, evenings and Saturday mornings.

Limit of 9 participants per class.

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Wear comfortable clothes that you don't mind getting wet.  Cotton clothing is not recommended.  You can also wear a bathing suit.  Layers are your best option! 

What do I wear?

Builds Overall Strength

Builds Amazing CORE Strength

Deepens Flexibility

Improves Balance

Decreases impact on joints

Provides an enjoyable family/ friend activity

FUN. FUN… and More Fun

What are the benefits of BOGA?
What do I wear?

Getting on the boards does not require getting into the water. Once you are on the board and class begins, there are NO PROMISES that you will not get wet. The instuctor teaches you the fundamentals of Boga FITMAT training. As you learn how to balance on the board, we will gradually introduce more intense exercises..

Will I get wet?
Will I get wet?

Call the front desk at 802-885-2568 to sign up.  There is a limit of 9 participants per class so if you want to guarantee your space register as soon as possible! 

You can also sign up online by clicking here

How do I sign up?