Be Well. The Journey to Discovering Your Best Self

When the Edgar May Health and Recreation Center decided to create an entire department focused around Healthy Living, we had a general strategy to help our community be healthier. This four step process includes: why, learn, apply, & thrive. This seemingly simple four step process would help create the roadmap one might follow on their own wellness journey to discover their best self. This summer we’re excited to offer opportunities for you to learn. Wellness coaches Mallory Peterson and new coach Abbie Ladd have teamed up to bring you five wellness workshops. Held at the Springfield Food Coop, we’re offering topics such as how to read food labels, macronutrient balance, and healthy eati

Burn to Earn is BACK...and improved!

Many of you have probably heard of, read about, participated in, or even pondered our infamous Burn to Earn program. But for those of you that haven’t, let me give you a quick run through. Deposit your cash with us, meet with our fitness/wellness staff weekly for your check-in, try or perform the workouts, make some changes with your diet, reach your goals, get a portion of your money back, and voila! Sounds pretty great right? It is! In fact, it’s our most successful fitness program for creating healthy habits by holding you accountable, educating you to make realistic lifestyle changes, and paying you for being committed. Now that you understand the foundation, let me share what’s ne

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