What is the Prescription for Exercise Program?


The PFE program is a six-month program that is designed to help you learn about healthy eating habits and setting fitness goals that will help you to incorporate exercise into your daily life.  You will meet with our certified coaches monthly to create a program to reach your goals; working progressively in several areas of fitness (cardiovascular, flexibility, and strenth) while tailoring your diet to support your health goals.

What is expected of me?

Over the course of the next six months a coach will be helping you along the way.  But to be successful in the process, it is important that you do your part.  Here are a few things that are expected of you while enrolled in the program:

  • Make eight visits each month to the Edgar May Health and Recreation Center.

  • Meet with your coach two times per month for your scheduled visits.

  • Follow the program outlined and created by you and your coach.

  • Complete a food journal to accurately track diet and eating habits.

What can I expect?

Improving your health and wellness is challenging enough, but with the PFE program you don't have to do it alone.  Our coaches will help you along the way and here's how:

  • Meet with your coach a total of 12 times over the course of 6 months.

  • An initial and final visit of 60-minutes, plus ten 30-minute visits throughout your journey.

  • Fitness expertise to help you in all areas of health and wellness.

  • Support helping you achieve your wellness goals to lead a healthier and happier lifestyle.


The Prescription for Exercise program is in addition to your monthly membership rate.  The rates below do not include the cost of your membership.


6 month program in full: $240

EFT Payment: $40/month

Monthly: $43/month


(financial assistance may be available upon request and approval of financial statements)