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These two words are common in our vocabulary these days, and generally speaking we understand what it means.  But as we unfold this exciting new initiative to the EdgarMay, let’s break down what it means, who it impacts, and how we’ll do it!

Healthy: enjoying good health, free from disease, or beneficial to one’s physical, emotional or mental state.

Living: having life – defined as the sequence of physical and mental experiences that make up the existence of one individual.


Apart, these two words can have relatively concrete definitions. Putting these two words together can have a profound impact, we want to help you to stop thinking of these words as separate, and start to think about these words together as a definition of your whole self. More specifically, you physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, occupational, financial, intellectual and environmental wellness.

Lets take a deeper look at these 8 components

  • Emotional – involves our coping mechanisms, ability to adapt to stress, and your outlook

  • Environmental – surrounding yourself with an environment conducive to your wellness

  • Financial – satisfaction with current and future finances

  • Intellectual – cognitively engaging in the world around you by asking questions, sparking curiosity & fostering creativity

  • Occupational – satisfaction and fulfilment with work life

  • Physical – understanding the need for activity, nutritious food and sleep

  • Social – having a support system with similar interests and investment in your wellness

  • Spiritual – a sense of purpose and meaning in life  

Our approach to Healthy Living

We believe healthy living is for everyone and anyone. We tailor our approach for anyone wanting to make a lifestyle change to find their “best self”.

Sometimes the changes we want to make are obvious, eat better, sleep more, exercise more frequently, practice more self-care, etc. However, the means to make these changes aren’t as easy. It’s much more complicated than simply “following a healthy diet”, jogging every day, having a strict bed time and reading a book on the weekend. If it was easy, wouldn’t you already be doing it?

We tend to live in a world of instant gratification, if it tastes good we eat it, if the show has you on the edge of your seat, you watch the last episode, no matter the time. This is what makes lifestyle changes so hard. It isn’t easy to stay motivated for a change that isn’t going to pay off until 6 weeks, three months or a year down the line. This is where we come in. Whether it is making an “obvious” lifestyle change, or something more specific, our one-on-one coaching, wellness programs, demos, videos, workshops, challenges and more, we are here to get you to your “best self". Your best self is for you to define, it is not our job to tell you, our job is to support, encourage, motivate and hold you to your personal definition.

How are we going to make this happen?

The first thing to understand is it’s not going to happen overnight, in a week, or even a month.  When we talk about lifestyle change we are trying to create new, healthy habits that will stick for a lifetime. 

With a focus on realistic habit change, our programs are here to help you identify the aspect of your health you’d like to change, and use individualized tools to help you get where you want to be. Exercise more, eat better, sleep more, find self-care techniques, or any other aspect of wellness and find the gratification you are looking for.

Check out our programs and events we have coming up – and keeping check in for more great opportunities to come!


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